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Q Test Inspection is a unique NDE and Inspection company that offers all the services of a large corporation with the personal touch of an owner-operated medium size business.

Our customers are at the forefront of what we do, and we are passionate about each project that allows us to solve any challenges that come our way. We are continually evolving to better serve our clients and always ensure each of our Q Test personnel have the the most up-to-date education, training and technology to get the job done right; the first time around.

We offer a comprehensive list of services with multiple applications to serve our clients over a multitude of sectors. Results matter, which is why we offer an in-depth reporting system and 24 hour technicians. No job is too big or too small for our expert team to handle.

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Conventional NDT

Q Test Inspection specializes in offering clients Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).  We can provide all methods of Non-Destructive Testing to carefully evaluate materials, assemblies and components.  The methods are used to detect and measure corrosion, cracks and damage.  Technicians can detect the size, shape and orientation of defects.   NDT is a critical to ensuring all materials, assemblies and components are safe and reliable.  NDT is a cost-effective and valuable technique because it does not permanently alter the products or equipment.

We provide services to all industries including: oil and gas, fabrication, new construction, manufacturing, power generation and in-service piping.  Our personnel are certified to multiple methods and can provide capably meet your project needs. Offer all levels of CGSB certified techs, SNT-TC-1A certified technicians and CWB Certified welding inspectors.

Specialized Services

Specialized NDT Services are crucial to our offerings as there are any innovations that allow us to serve you better. WIth some of the most advanced technologies in the industry, we have the ability to undertake some of the most complex jobs with speed and precision.

Asset Integrity Management

At Q Test Inspection we know that maintaining the integrity of your assets is integral for safe, reliable and profitable operations. Q Test has the experience and competence to assist with the challenges of Asset Integrity. With extensive industry operational experience and knowledge. Key elements of Q Test’s approach are to work with its clients to understand their systems and operations.

Q Test provides competent and certified inspection specialists with engineering support in all areas of Asset Integrity Management our experts have in-depth knowledge on way to provide clients with cost effective solutions tailored to our client’s requirements.

Q Test’s in-house vessel data base and reporting system provides a competitive edge that ensures efficient data handling and reporting.

Special Inspections

Q Test Inspection’s Special Inspection Program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and is in accordance with SPE-1000 and ISO 17020 to ensure safety and code compliance on various electrical products 

API Inspections

Q Test Inspection takes a systematic approach to inspecting your assets. Q Test can determine the integrity, safety and reliability of assets and help to determine appropriate mitigation strategies to prolong the lifespan of assets. Through skillful inspections, our personnel will guarantee your programs and assets are compliant with regulatory requirements. Our inspectors are experts in this field and can determine the root causes for concern and provide you with the information required to make decisions.

Q Test Inspection has decades of experience in planning turnaround for plants and refineries. We can plan programs that maximize best practices and are as efficient as possible. We can easily adapt our programs to each client’s needs.

Q Test Inspection provides API inspections including the following:

CWB Welding Inspection

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity is the process of ensuring that your pipeline and components are operating properly. Pipeline Integrity is imperative for reputation, finance, environmental and safety reasons. At Q Test Inspection, we believe in taking a proactive approach to pipeline integrity. We focus on risk management by assessing the likelihood and consequences of failures. Our inspectors will ensure your pipelines are designed, constructed and operating safely and reliably.

Our Pipeline Integrity program ensures that your systems will meet the regulatory requirements. Our personnel are trained specifically on pipeline techniques. We can offer both full-scale pipeline integrity management or assistance with day-to-day requirements.

Yield Plot

Yield plots are performed by a professional engineer on site. a comprehensive report detailing the parameters and stages of the test is stamped by a registered professional engineer and turned over to the client.

Lifting Equipment Inspections – LEI

Q Test Inspection provides qualified and experienced inspectors, full in-house non-destructive examination and engineering services to support owners and users of lifting equipment. Q Test takes considerable effort to ensure clients are satisfied with the quality and safety of the services provided.

Q Test’s quality and safety programs are based on stringent requirements established by the Oil and Gas Industry. Q Test has taken their experience in oil and gas and their expertise in NDE to build a dedicated lifting equipment program.

Inspections on most lifting equipment is required annually in accordance with OH&S regulations. We are qualified to perform all annual and structural inspections. We will ensure lifting equipment matches the manufacturer’s specifications, the relevant CSA codes and OHSA regulations.